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Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. We bring success to our clients, continuously contribute toward enhancing their corporate value, care for people and deliver results through innovation.

Once a partner and forever after, we shall be your Real Partner.
Asian in origin but global in scope, we are not bound by any one stereotypical globalization strategy.
we take the utmost advantage of the characteristics of the client and locate.

Outsourcing your business processes can help you in managing your enterprise efficiently, with each outsourced task being conducted separately, while your locally based employees are dealing with more immediate concerns. Outsourcing can have a number of benefits, and here are some of the reasons why you should choose our services:

Focus On Main Business
as an entrepreneur, you can outsource the work that you do not need to oversee personally, while you and your employees give individual attention to other major business matters.

Timely Results
Once the project has been started, we will work hard to stay true to our committed deadline to ensure time saving outcomes according to your expectations.

Call Center Services
Our inbound & outbound call center services will bring corporate level customer service to small businesses at a highly competitive rate.


Events Support

The Event Support Programme is a new initiative which forms part of our commitment to support and build the business visits and events sector. Events may be happening across the various layers of an organization as sales leads, orders or customer service calls. Or, they may be news items, text messages, social media posts, stock market feeds, traffic reports, weather reports, or other kinds of data. An event may also be defined as a "change of state," when a measurement exceeds a predefined threshold of time, temperature, or other value. Analysts suggest that CEP will give organizations a new way to analyze patterns in real-time and help the business side communicate better with IT and service departments.

Lead Generations

Lead Generation is a classic example of outbound sales offered by Transact Global wherein we randomly call customers and inform them about the various products and services offered by our clients.


A confirmation provides proof that something is true. An example might be when you receive confirmation that your flight will be on time, or you find out that something you thought might have happened actually did occur. Confirmation is an act of verifying or making something certain. or a religious ceremony where young adults realfirm their religious beliefs.


Havken Global Solutions provides Third Party Verif...

Appointment Setting

Our virtual call center services go beyond just taking and making calls. We can literally act lik your outsources receptionists and help you to set up meetings and appointments. We have your back and will ensure every aspect of your communication and organization goes smoothly. That’s just what we do! Havken Global Solutions largely focus on clients from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and the Middle East – though we take all comers!

Inbound and OutBound Services

Our Inbound & Outbound call center services will bring corporate level customer service to small businesses at a highly competitive rate. Let us handle calls, queries and more from your customers, or use our outbound call center services to run telesales and telemarketing campaigns. Use us a force multiplier and put some real horsepower behind your business. With inbound call center services you can ensure that your customers and clients get answers to their burning questions and can turn queries into potential leads.

Inbound Services

Direct Sales
Lead Generation
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Marketing Survey
Data Collections
Debt Collections
Appointment Settings
Welcome Calls


Choosing a career with a BPO is the right choice for students who prefer challenges on the work front. Owing to long hours of work that you would be putting in, you should be ready to face a lot of work pressure. Similarly, as it is a job with odd timings you should be willing to let go of your routine. Growth in a BPO is much faster compared with other industries.

The job prospects in a BPO are quite high as several countries such as the US and the UK prefer to outsource their jobs to countries such as India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries.

The growth of BPO cannot be challenged in the coming 10 years at least. This is owing to the rampant globalization of businesses across the world. As a result of this, there are several ‘work from home’ options available

The career growth is quite fast in this industry and within a few years’ time, it is possible to become a team lead or a group lead. All that counts is good performance.